Ion slidebox "multidirectional" swap intended?


Ẅith a collection repeat of items containing slidebox I have a problem when swiping.

It seems that swiping left or right will also takes into account the bottom or top of the swiping. To be clear : swiping right or left will also makes the scroll go up or down, which I think is a problem.

Before filling a github issue, I wanted to know if that’s the goal of if a setting i missed exists ( like disable-diagonal-swipe or whatever the name might be :slight_smile: )

Thanks !


If you have a ion-content in your ion-slide, you can put has-bouncing=“false” and disable up and down swipe :slight_smile:


Thanks @WidawskiJ but what if i dont ? :smile:
My slides are actually simple images and wrapping them inside ion-content would be an overload of html i think

Bumping this because i cannot find anything on the subject :frowning:

Hmm, first thing is using collection-repeat with slide-box may cause some issue.

This seems to be a good alternative for slide-box.

But I’m not seeing the swiping issue you’re describing.

Thank @mhartington you see it by sliding right and slightly down or bottom ( which happens a lot with fingers even if you do not want to )

My question is, is there a way to detect the “real” direction wanted, eg if iI slide right and slighty bottom only keep the right slide?


At the moment, that functionality is part of an updated slide-box that we haven’t finished yet.

That’s too bad :slight_smile: Thanks