Ion-slide-box with images scaling weird


I’m using ion-slide-box to display a number of images the user can swipe through. The images are various dimensions and need to scale down to fit within the box, only many of them fail to scale properly. This creates a number of visual issues when swiping through images. See a demo at the following pen:

Is this a glitch in the slides or is there something I need to do differently to get it working right?


Just noticed a tip elsewhere to use … inside each slide. Tried that on the pen, and it does the trick.


New problem… I’m using ng-repeat to loop through a set of photos:

<ion-slide-box show-pager="false">
	<ion-slide ng-repeat="photo in" class='image-slide'>
			<img ng-src="http://myimage/{{ }}/{{ photo.photo_lg }}">

This worked fine without but then they didn’t slide properly. With ion-content, however, the images don’t load at all; my tags aren’t binding properly.