Slides problem in beta 10

just upgraded to .10, and ready had problems with the slides I use to introduce the app.

I look at the Conference App, which saw being upgraded to .10 too, and he has the same problem.

the first slide appears normally, but others do not appear in pagination bullets and when you try to push it to the side it goes halfway, but does not change the slide.

Edit: with ionic serve, put the emulator as iOS, works. As android not.

I have the same problem, when in Chrome I change to a wider screen Phone I get the slides to function, but when I use a Phone (galaxy s4 mini, vodafone smart prime, asus zenfone2, Iphone) I can’ t get the slides function.

Update: I tested my app with tutorial slide I made on Iphone and it is ok. On Android no

Any solution? I have to publish tomorrow an App on Google Play, but if I can’t use the slides I need to rewrite a form page…
Thank you.

I did not touch that part after upgraded to .10 and gave problem. The slides are in a test project, so I do not bother with it to be honest.

For now I rewrote the form to use only a page at the moment (without slides). I hope Ionic team fixes this issue to back to slide (for a form registration)

I also have this problem. With some Portrait Devices Width’s the Slides Component gets broken. However if i then switch to landscape and back to portrait it’s working.
So it is just breaking while initializing.
I have 3 Slides, and pre-select the middle one. But often it only shows the first Slide and i cannot slide to the others.
This is a major issue in my app, as the user cannot go forward.
A workaround would be if i could “refresh” the slides component (like the switching to landscape and back to portrait).
I then could refresh it after let’s say 100 milliseconds and it would fix itself.

But still there is a major bug with the Slides component breaking on init sometimes.
Sometimes refres to Portrait-Device-Width.
For example on a Samsung S5 NEO it is breaking very often.

You can simple reproduce this problem with Chrome Developer Console switching to Galaxy S5.
With the iPhone 6 it’s working, but not with the Galaxy S5.
It shows only the first Slide and you cannot move forward.
Please, this is a serious issue.

Ok, i found a workaround:
I get a reference to the ion-slides
<ion-slides #slides></ion-slides>
@ViewChild('slides') slides: Slides;

Then i call the update function of the Swiper:

In the Swiper API Docs for the update() method it says:

You should call it after you add/remove slides manually, or after you hide/show it, or do any custom DOM modifications with Swiper

Maybe that’s a hint for Ionic-Team ?