Native Scrolling and ion-refresher --> iOS


I using latest ionic version (1.1.0).

Our application is heavy (lots of data on screen), and js scrolling just doesn’t work well on some devices, especially on iPhone 4 & 5. Scrolling performance is so bad, that the screen is barely usable.

Switching to native scrolling resolves performance issue. However, there is a problem with ion-refresher while inside ion-content with native scrolling on ios platform (on Android everything works fine. We using Crosswalk there).

On iPhone, initially everything looks fine. But if I scrolling content up and right after that scrolling back to initial position and continuing to “pull to refresh” - refresher is not there and it doesn’t works. It seems like that if I not touching screen couple of seconds, the refresher is back again.

The problem reproduced every time on iPhone 5 & 6 (didn’t had a chance to test it on iPhone 4, but I convinced that the problem will be there as well).

I think that I seen in several articles that in latest ionic version refresher is supported with native scrolling. Is that correct? Or I doing something wrong?


Hi @illidan,

I don’t know if this is related but I believe the default UIWebView used on iOS only fires a scroll event after the momentum scroll has finished. I’d imagine this would make any implementation relying on a native scroll flakey on iOS.

Perhaps try using this plugin to use the WKWebView -

With the WKWebView a scroll event is fired continuously during scroll. Fingers crossed it fixes your issue!

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