Poor performance of pull to refresh

Hi there,

I’ve recently started device-testing my new ionic (and angular) application. Largely I’m very happy, but I’ve noticed some poor performance around the animations of the pull-to-refresh control. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’d like to stress that I’m not complaining - I think ionic is great, and understand that its early days - I’m just trying to establish whether I’ve implemented it poorly or not.


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What version are you running? I’ve noticed some issues as well. I’m on 0.9.27.

I’m using v1.0.0-beta.1

I’ve also noticed some quirkiness on the v1.0.0-beta 1

There is some stuttering when using it with a Samsung Galaxy S3, especially if you use a pulling-text. On iPhone 4 and above it’s fine.

I’m testing on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, and have experienced issues with both.

I just tried the nightly build and perfomance of PTR is much better (an Android).

One thing I noticed is that when the app first starts up, the pull down/up icons and loading icons are fine. after a short while, things get out of whack and the items just stop working altogether. On IOS7+ at least.