Ion-popover missing enter animation (bug?)


I am currently using ion-popovers in my application, but i noticed that there is not an enter animation. It just starts up with the popover on top. I looked at the source and found out there is a animation for enter: .
I tried to copy the code into a custom animation and it worked (sort of, the popover was not pointing at the right place). So i am not really sure why it is not working while the leave/dismiss animation does…

Anyone got the same problem or maybe a solution?

Can you provide a demo/sample app? It’s hard to know what the issue is without being able to inspect your code.

Hey, sorry for the wait!

I took all the parts of the code i used for the popover into a blank project(can’t show the original project), but the popover does not work here… (But it works in the other project). I am new to Ionic, so i dont really know why it does not work, but hope it can be useful anyways! :slight_smile:

So as it currently stands, you have the popover/modal being imported in multiple places.

encapsulate the popover logic to its own module.

Here’s a diff of what I did to get things working.


Hey, it works now in my blank project and the enter animation works aswell!!

Now i need to find out why the enter animation does not work in my project :thinking:

Thank you for your help!