How can I animate a pop-over?


I have a pop-over that I want to add a fade-in, fade-out effect when entering and leaving the page but I have no clue how to go about it.

Can someone provide some pointers on how we can apply animations to elements?


I want to know how to animate the ionic popover control too…



I’ve styled the pop over using CSS but I haven’t tried any animations. A lot of the animations are done with CSS in ionic anyway and this might be able to be accomplished.

here is a forum link that has how to access that CSS class. Hope this guides you in the right direction!


Here’s an attempt to animate the popover control. But it only works the first time you click on it. You need to refresh the page on the browser to make it work again. Also, the animation shown is just a sample.

Can any of the ionic gurus out there shed some light into this?


Here’s another attempt. I’ve been using angular-motion ever since i found out about it, good animations easy plug-n-play.

Apparently I can’t post links yet…