Popover class added on hide / close?

Hey everyone :smile:

In my CSS I’ve attached an animation to popovers ng-enter. However, the ng-leave never seems to happen. Neither does ng-hide.

So what exactly is happening to a popover when it’s closed?

At the moment I have the situation where the animation is working perfectly when the popover is activated, but no animation at all when it’s closed.

Thanks guys :smile:

Hi @edwrede_ZA I was working on something similar and would love to know what you did for the ng-enter to work. Maybe we can figure out the ng-leave as well from there together.

Hey everyone :smile:

I watched a very interesting video that helped me understand animations in Angular a lot better.

Might be worth taking a look if you’re interested :smile:

Feel free to drop me a message if anyone would like to chat further or work on anything together, I am always keen to learn!