Ionic 4 react enterAnimation

Hi, I am making a IOS app using Ionic 4 and React. I want to animate my popover using enterAnimation attribute, but couldn’t make it work. Can anyone please provide any example of popover animation with enterAnimation using Ionic 4 and React? There are some examples of the popover animation in Angular out there, but couldn’t find any React example.
Here’s my code

It would be helpfull if i can get a full example to use animations with this popover maybe update docs it will be much more helpfull

import React, { useState } from ‘react’;
import { IonPopover } from ‘@ionic/react’;

export const PopOver: React.FC = ({ children, showPopover, setShowPopover, popOverProps }) => {
const [popoverEvent, setPopoverEvent] = useState();
const button = children[0];
const content = children[1];
return (
{React.cloneElement(button as React.ReactElement, {
onClick: (e: any) => {
enterAnimation={(e: any) => { //what to do here? }}
onDidDismiss={() => setShowPopover(false)}


PopOver.defaultProps = {
showPopover: false,
setShowPopover: () => { },
children: ,
popOverProps: {}

You should provide your code in code tags, it’s more readable :stuck_out_tongue:
To do so use ``` (3 back quotes) on both sides of your code.

I found that
It is not dedicated to React and it’s potentially not React but it seems that enterAnimation takes pure Javascript code.
You should look in this side, Javascript Animation :wink:


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Did you see this documentation?


Yeah definitely didn’t know about the quotes :sweat_smile: Thanks for that I would definitely look into it :smile:

Yeah, I found this one in ionic 5 docs It does have examples that are gonna be helpful. Thanks :smile: