Incorrect switching of months in ion-datetime (Ionic 6)

Issue: When I first click on the button to switch the month, the calendar changes, but the name of the month remains the same. After the next clicks, the calendar does not respond at all.
Possible reasons: I researched that this happens only when I use showDefaultButtons=“true” property.
This problem occurs for Android, but everything seems to be fine on web
Is it Ionic 6 bug?
My code:

<ion-label>Datetime 1</ion-label>
      <ion-datetime presentation="date"
      <ion-label>Datetime 2</ion-label>
      <ion-datetime presentation="date"

video attached:
(XRecorder_24122021_172438.mp4 - Google Drive)

I have the same problem but on the web. On Android it works beautifully.

I am having this issue with one of my test devices. The datepicker performs as expected on my ios device and on my earlier Android device, my later Android device exhibits the issue as described above. The only difference is that I’m not using default buttons, just onChange events.
I also found that if I change the mode to “ios” on the picker it will cause this behavior on all my Android devices.

Phone that has the issue:
OnePlus 6T, Oxygen OS, Android 11

Phone that works as expected:
OnePlus 1, Lineage OS, Android 9

I also had my boss try the app on his phone and it worked as expected, it’s a Samsung S20 FE I do not have any OS information about it, but I would assume it is up to date.

I hope this extra information can help work out what’s happening.

I would suggest creating an issue on the Ionic-Framework GitHub Issues · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub with a minimum reproducible example so the devs can look into it. :slight_smile: