Ion-Button's not showing up in iOS on a physical device, but are clickable. The buttons show up fine in the browser and the simulator

Hey everyone, I am reaching out here as a last ditch effort. I got thrown into fixing a client’s app which is using ionic v3 and angular v4. I have been working on updates for a couple of months now and in this most recent build some of the buttons and form fields are not showing up. I reverted any scss changes I had made since the last build, and still nothing. The buttons and fields show up fine in the browser and simulator, it is just the physical device. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Testing on iOS 16.2. I am not getting any errors in the console. Here is an example, this is on basically what would be the home page of the app, the blue button shows up fine but the green one does not.

<ion-row class="large-button-row" align-items-center>
      <ion-col col-6>
        <button ion-button full color="dark-blue" (click)="searchTrackSystem()" large>
          <ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon>
          Search Track System
      <ion-col col-6>
        <button ion-button full color="dark-green" (click)="createTrackSystem()" large>
          <ion-icon name="add"></ion-icon>
          Create Track System

why don’t you use ion-button?

Not sure, that’s how the code was when I got it. I will try this and see if that fixes my issue. Does <button ion-button> not do the same thing? It looks like this dev was doing it both ways throughout the app.

Use and see if somethislng changes

I am reaching the same problem after updating to iOS 16.2.
Did you solve the problem?