FAB button not showing properly on iPhone

Hi, I am trying to add a FAB button to a view, but it does not show as I expect it, when running on my phone.

I think my markup is correct.

Thank you, to anyone who might be able to advise.

My Code:

<button fab fab-bottom fab-right fab-fixed primary* ngIf= “register.addFields”(click) = “openAdd()” >
<ion-icon name=“add” ></ion-icon>

Chrome Screenshot:

iPhone screenshot:

Dont need to have fab-fixed, also, put the button outside of the ion-content

I tried taking it out of the content. before the list loads, the button is visible. Once the list is loaded, the button disappears.
I am guessing that it is getting pushed out.

I have the same issue with fab button. It works fine for android, i was thinking to remove fab from ios since fab is on material design.

I ended up putting a plus on the Nav bar, and I think it looks alright.

Setting it to use the Fab on Android only is actually not a bad idea.

Thank you.