Integrating ionic2 app into existing Xcode project?

With ionic v1, I was able to simply put an entire app into an Xcode project, and point a UIWebView or WKWebView instance to the www/index.html file and have things up & running. In ionic v2, this should work if I point to www/index.html if I keep the build folder around, and it has been recently built via ionic serve.

The more I work with ionic 2, it feels the xcodeproj generation is a feature that is intended to always be used, not just some of the time. Is that correct? My general question here is “Is there a supported or intended path for inclusion of just the necessary html/js/css components for an ionic 2 project in Xcode or Android Studio?” And if so, should perhaps a build command be present for the CLI to generate this without generating an entire Xcode project?