How to edit ionic project directly in iOS / Xcode build?

Hi there,

In Ionic 1 you used to be able to edit your project files directly in Xcode if you wanted to (after doing an Xcode build in Ionic). All the files were included in the www folder. However, in Ionic 2 I’ve done an iOS Xcode build but I can’t seem to find where the pages are located in the project for me to make minor changes directly in Xcode??

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You really don’t want to do that as these changes tend to get lost.

If you have to: They are still in platforms/ios/www after you built the app.

Hi Sujan,
That I understand about making changes directly in the platform… however, I just double-checked again from a fresh build and the pages don’t appear?? Please check on your end if you are able to see them and kindly advise


That is what I did before posting. index.html, build and assets are all there.

Hi Sujan,

Please be patient with me… ok, what I mean is, if you have a newly created blank ionic project for example, and you do an ionic platform add iOS > build iOS > then in Xcode, if I want to edit the home.ts file / home.html file for example, how do I do that? I have gone through the folder structures and the pages folder doesn’t appear anywhere… I agree, the index.html and build and assets are there, but there is no pages folder.
Hence I asked, do you see the pages folder with the home.html / home.scss / home.ts files??

Thanks for your patience.

You can’t as your app is compiled down to main.js. The individual pages don’t exist any more, but this highly optimized package that is executed on the device.

Thanks for clarifying that up for me Sujan! :slight_smile: