How to upload my project as a web page


I’ve read an ionic V1 topic where lots of people discuss if it was good practice or not to release an Ionic project as a web page. I’m wondering if, with V2 that changed. I’d love to know how to achieve that as well.

Thank you.

Basically it’s all the same. You can’t use any (Android/iOS only) native plugins, but aside from that you build your app and then take the generated html and JS and put it in a webserver to serve it.


You mean the www/ folder? And no, I do not have any native plugins.

Yes, but in Ionic2 you actually find the compiled files in www/build/ that you can use. Maybe you also want to google for “Ionic 2 PWA” to find some more articles on how to build for the browser environment proper instead of using this “shortcut”.