Build Ionic2 app with XDK o PhoneGap Build


Hi all,
I’m quite new to Ionic2 but coming from web development I’ve found it really interesting.

I’ve created first views of my app and I’d like to push it to my Android (and in future iOS and WP).
I’d like to automate build with external tools to don’t install them on my dev machine (I haven’t a Mac too, so I’d like to build iOS without it).

Now I’m running ionic serve and included www folder inside an Intel XDK project, in that way it creates fine APK. Problem is that APK created is not with production Ionic2 but with development Ionic2 build process.

Is there a way to prepare builded production files with Ionic2 and then generate APK/IPA with an external tool such as Intel XDK (better) or at least PhoneGap Build?

I simply need a way to build www folder, than another tool will take care of generate APK/IPA.