Installing Ionic on Windows

Hi there. I’ve searched through the forums regarding installation issues on Windows and I haven’t found anything that helps me. I’m following the installation guide found here It’s the Chapter 2 of the guide.

I installed node.js, Java JDK and cordova with no issues. I tried to follow the instructions regarding the ANT installation. 2 problems, first, the link provided in Chapter 2 takes me to a French Furniture Blog?! Anyways, I went directly to the Apache Ant site and downloaded 1.9.3.

The instructions state “extract it, move the first folder in the zip to a safe place, and update your PATH to the bin/ folder in that folder.”. When I unzip ANT 1.9.3, the first folder is “lib”, and there is no bin folder.

Am I missing something?

You need to extract the whole zip file. See Ant Manual Install for details.