Installation Ionic problem please help

I’m following the installation guide for Ionic at:

I’ve installed the JDK, Apache Ant, NodeJS and the Android SDK. The only issue I have is when I come to type the android command into the command prompt of my Windows 7 machine all I get back is:

No suitable Java found. In order to properly use the Android Developer Tools…etc etc etc

I know I’ve got the JDK installed because when I type the java -version command it comes up with java version 1.8.0_40.

I’ve followed the solution of creating a environment variable for JAVA_HOME/ANDROID_HOME and pointing to each of their folder directory in my system. This still hasn’t fixed my problem. Can anybody help me please. Help much appreciated.

So just to be sure, you have:

The android SDK installed,
Node installed,
Ant installed,
Java installed

And you can enter <package> --version to the get the version on the installd packages?

Hi! Are you set the environment variable for the user or for all users (system)? When I tested Ionic for the first time with windows 7, I got the same problem because of the settings for environment variable.