Setup cordova android enviroment on windows 7


My os win7 sp1 32
install node.js
step 1: npm install -g cordova
step 2:npm install -g cordova ionic
step 3: npm install -g plugman
step 4: mkdir C:\Users\sai\AppData\Local\Temp\plugman\git (this is a cordova’s bug)

Configuration environment variable

ant: ( jdk 1.6or 1.7 can not support,1.8)
android sdk
ANT_HOME : E:\apache-ant
Path %ANT_HOME%\bin;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_05\bin;


ionic start myApp sidemenu
cd myApp
cordova platform add android
cordova build android
cordova run android

I am a Chinese!
My English is not good! I am sorry!


It’s a bit out of date as far as cordova versions, but it should be the same as far as handling decencies.

Here’s a more recent post about windows set up.