Install Ionic on new PC

I started install ionic framework in a new PC (notebook Windows 10 x64).

I installed node.js, Visual Studio Code and Java JDK.

Then from command line run:

npm install -g ionic cordova

Install finish OK.

But when run node --version I get this result (link image)

If I run “ionic start helloWorld blank --cordova” I get the same result.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled ionic and cordova and the problem persists.

Any idea???


It is the install of Node that is funky. How did you install it?


how do I install any other software.

Wellcome, Next Next Next. Finish.

Should I uninstall it and install it again?

Use nvm-windows instead.

thanks for anwer, but can you tell me how?

I have always used node.js.

what I do? uninstall node.js?

how do I use it later from VSC prompt??


The last time I used Windows was 1987, so I can only refer you to the documentation.

can anybody help me?


I love google.