How to install ionic 1?


It is my first time with ionic… I started some months ago using Ionic 1 for developing some apps.
In these days I needed to format my PC for different reasons; today I reinstalled everythings (latest version of node.js) but I realized that I installed ionic 2.
My question is: which version of node.js do I need to install ionic 1 again? in this way I can use my developed apps without any conversion.

Thanks you for your time.

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What does Nodejs to do with Ionic?

this is the procedure I found in order to install cordova and ionic:

  • download node.js from
  • install node.js
  • install cordova:
    open a console and type:
    npm install -g cordova
  • install ionic:
    open a console and type:
    npm install -g cordova ionic

Is there a better way?

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Yes, that is right, but the node.js version does not change your Ionic version.

After installing the latest Ionic CLI you have to run ionic start myNewProject blank --type ionic1


Ok this is a good news…

After having reinstalled my PC again, I executed same commands I did when I created the apps.
That time I didn’t use the --type option and so I did today but I got a different result.
For this reason I thought the problem was in software version.

Anyway, I’m going to try it. :O)
Thanks you very much for your quick help.


Great, it works!

Really thank you!

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Thanks gottas,
It helps.