Deploying ionic projet on my PC

Hi please I need help. I have received an ionic projet I need to use it on my PC

Their is so much documentation about installing ionic…

1/ So, make sure you have node/npm installed by typing node --version in your terminal.

2/ Install ionic and cordova cli. Open terminal and type :
npm install -g ionic cordova

don’t forget to reload your environment variables (or restart your terminal) between this installations.

3/ Go in your app folder with your terminal and install all dependancies by typing : npm install

Then run you application on your pc with : ionic serve

please i don’t need to install but to update
npm update ionic-native is possible

[INFO] Looks like @ionic/app-scripts isn’t installed in this project
what can i do to resolve this problem

restart from scratch… uninstall and reinstall ionic… But be careful about what version your project was built with !

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i have update many dependencies but when i run ionic serve i got error
@Ionic/app-scripts is not installed

can you post ionic info?
did you DELETE your ionic install and REINSTALL IT ?