Input text strikethrough, misplaced text cursor, cut off problems on Android

Hi guys,

I have an Ionic app and am testing it on Android devices. On all devices (4.1.2+) I get the issues below. It happens on all input elements.

  • I’m seeing misplaced text cursor
  • Sometimes I see a strikethrough over the text (it’s there when I’m typing but if I hit space, then it disappears)
  • The lower part of characters are cut off

Couldn’t find anything about this problem online. Any advice? On iOS it’s fine.



Okay I fixed it. It was an issue with SCSS. The strikethrough is actually Android’s default behaviour of underlining as you type. I think the confusing part was having this problem only on Android when it’s the same SCSS for iOS also.

Hi Taigeair, how did you solve the cutted text issue? Thanks!