Cursor on wrong input when keyboard is opened and blocked scroll when input on focus (Android)


Hi guys,

I´ve read here in the forum that these two behaviors were already adressed on previous releases but they keep happening on my Android app.

  1. Once focus on an input, I can´t scroll past it´s edge.
  2. The cursor shows up in the wrong input field after I change the focus to another input with my keyboard opened.

I´m using Ionic v1.2.0.
Is there something I can do to solve this problem?



Even I still face the same. @adambrandley is this solved?


Hi @siddhartha, is this behaviour happening on iOS or Android? And if it happens on Android, what´s the OS version?

The situation ceased happening after I updated my Android version to v4.1.2 or higher. I suppose this is something with chromium.

Unfortunately now I have to limit the Android minVersion for my app.


On android version 4.4


Ok, now you got me… Just to check, your Ionic and Cordova versions are up to date, right?

I think we will need help from the pros.


yeah yeah! I run in on beta 13.