Input range stops updating by $interval when I change it's value by dragging

Hello everyone.
I’m using angular $interval with cordova-media-plugin to create a seek bar with ionic range component.
It works fine. But whenever I seek to a position by dragging. The interval stops updating the value of seek_value.
####HTML Code:

<div class="item range range-positive">
    <small class="light">{{ song_time }}</small>
    <input type="range" name="seek-bar" min="0" max="{{ song_time_seconds }}" ng-model="seek_value" ng-change="updateSeeker({{ seek_value }})">
    <small class="light">{{ position }}</small>

JS Code

(it runs when players starts)

        function (position) {
            $scope.seek_value = window.Math.floor(position);
            $scope.position = convertToCorrectFormat(window.Math.floor(position));
}, 500);

And this is code for ng-change:

$scope.updateSeeker = function(val){
    $rootScope.track.seekTo(val * 1000);
    $scope.seek_value = val;