Range input is not draggable

Hi all,

When I use an <input type="range">, I can touch somewhere on the slider bar and the selector (small round element on the slide bar) will move to the right place. However, I can’t drag the selector across the slide bar - it doesn’t move.
This happens on the Chrome device emulator as well as on a physical Android device.
Note that on the Chrome emulator I have this problem with the demo range in the docs as well (http://ionicframework.com/docs/components/#range) - I can slide the selector with in desktop mode with the mouse, but not in device mode with the “touch” pointer.

Am I missing something or is that expected behavior?
(As a side note - I understand that the range input element is an HTML5 element, not a custom Ionic component)

Same problem here … did you find the solution or the reason?