Slidestop event for input range

Is there slidestop event listener for input range (like in jquery mobile)?
Now I’m fetching new list from remote server on ng-change, but it works not so good - loads new content during sliding.
It should load content after sliding.

The range element is not a custom Ionic component. It’s simply an HTML input with type="range" and decorated with CSS. So, there are no built-in methods for interacting with it.

You can prevent rapid firing of calls to your api by using a limiter type function. Here is a very rough example. It needs lots of cleaning up:

Think I found another bug in Your example. Click on a line - not circle-slider.
Circle changes position but is still following pointer…

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve opened an Issue # 779 on that problem :

This is fixed now.

However, this only works in the nightlies. The nightlies and upcoming beta have major breaking code changes; so, I would not suggest using them until the beta is releases. You will likely need to change much of your code!

Thanks very much - great job.