Input line not always visible in ionic 7.0.2

I wold to understand if there is a way in the new version 7.02 to make the line below always visible also if the input has not an helperText ?

Because if i use the input without item the line is present only in ion-input where helperText is set. But i’ve not this helperText on all fields. If i use the styles became broken

<ion-input type="text" label="{{ '' | translate }}" labelPlacement="stacked" 
          name="name" [(ngModel)]="name" maxlength="50">

I’ve used fill=“solid” property but it changes also the style of input.

As workaround i’ve added css:

ion-input {
border-bottom: 1px solid #e4e4e4;

But i think that can be useful a property like the one present in ion-item (lines=‘full’) to show the line without css