Ion-item not visible on Android until it has focus


Not seeing this listed elsewhere I’m guessing this is likely a newbie mistake. What I’m trying to do is simple: show a list of inputs (with or without a form) within an ion-content tag. On iOS these show up and work properly but on Android devices the label and input within the ion-item remain invisible until I tap on the input and give it focus.

            <ion-label>Label One</ion-label>
            <ion-input type="text"></ion-input>
            <ion-label>Label Two</ion-label>
            <ion-input type="text"></ion-input>

If I remove the ion-content tag the labels and inputs show fine on Android but then I lose keyboard scrolling and other ion-content features. I've tried various CSS settings and cannot seem to get this to work. 

Any idea what I'm overlooking?