Infinity loop with Tabs

Hello Everyone :),

I try to make a tabs, that we can move horizontaly, which loop…

Help me please, i’ve just make the horizontal scroll, but i’ve been stopped by Infinity loop…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you post some code please ? Best with a picture of how it should look like.

Yes, of course :slight_smile:
That’s my Ion-Segment, which move when u let fingers on.

<ion-segment [(ngModel)]="segmentSwitch" [ngModelOptions]="{standalone: true}">
        <ion-segment-button value="1">
          1. Immobile
        <ion-segment-button value="2">
          2. Mouvement
        <ion-segment-button value="3">
          3. Coup Féroce
        <ion-segment-button value="4">
          4. Coup Modéré
        <ion-segment-button value="5">
          5. Résilience

That’s my CSS :

ion-segment {
    display: block;
    white-space: nowrap;
    font-size: 0;
    overflow: auto;

    &::-webkit-scrollbar {
      width: 0;
      height: 0;
      display: none;

    ion-segment-button.segment-button {
      display: inline-block;
      min-width: 100px;
      width: auto;