I'm looking for Full Ionic app integrated with MySQL

After reading a lot of tutorials and trying to create some simple apps with Ionic & AngularJS, I’m looking for full Ionic applications , in order to learn how to do it right (=>Best practices).

I bought this great app: http://codecanyon.net/item/ionfullapp-ionic-phonegapcordova-full-hybrid-app/10400343 which helped me a lot and gave me some great code that I can use.
Now I want to integrate with MySql database (Connect through HTTP request and get the data within JSON)
I was wondering whether there are those kind of apps with open code that I can use. (Don’t mind to pay for it)


my first recommendation is start learning ionic 2 and type script
you will get much more…

with the app you buy you have Wordpress Integration

the question is much more complicated

wich kind of back end to use
node, ror, php …
mysql/mariaDB, mongodb …

and you have a lot more !!!

what is you’re background?

Hi Itamar,
Thank you for your quick response :grinning:

I’m a an IT programmer , but wrote some small websites. I’ve also created some websites with known CMSs (WordPress, Drupal and MediaWiki), So I’m pretty familiar with HTML & CSS & JavaScript, and a little bit with PHP & MySQL.
I started to “play” with Ionic & AngularJS in the last couple months and really feel ready to create my own 1st application :relaxed:

That’s why I wanted to use some “real” applications code, in order to understand how to do it right and specially organized.

Regarding the backend issue: I’m looking for an application that uses PHP to work with remote MYSQL DB

hi @Yigaloz

i recommend to start using ionic 2 or
start building your app in a way that it will be much easier to upgrade your app to use ionic 2

for the backend i recommend if you use php is: phalconphp
it is very easy to create api backend server and the performance is great.
you can start a vagrant box for testing with simulators

and remember node.js rule :smile:

You will need to add it by yourself: