Integrating angular app into ionic framework

I have found some site and example that has angualrjs and connecting to mysql example. How do I integrate this with ionic? I am new to this site so please get me details.
Also are there any GUI tool that I can use which is free or almost free? Don’t point me to something that asks for a monthly fees yet.
Thanks and waiting for your valuable reply.

you can use any angularjs code with ionic.

the ionic framework is something like an extension for angular (directives, services, …).

If you want to mean local sql --> look for “cordova sqlite”.
The ngCordova Toolkit has a wrapper for that:

If you want to connect a backend, which is connected to a database --> use angularjs $http-service or the $resource-service if you want a rest-api wrapper.

There is a GUI to create ionic-apps/layouts

But it is only free for one public code-source/app.

Thank you for your reply. Is there a small tutorial on how to have my angularJS code raped onto ionic?
Also Is there a tutorial for a php > Json> Angular to > Ionic code that I can take a look to get data from mySQL?
appreciate your answer on it. Regards,