Need some guidance please!


Hello to all ,

I’m very new at this (programming) and i need some guidance in my project.

What i know?

Im in a beginner level of html, css, javascript, php and mysql.

What i want to do?

I want to create an App, a Website and a Dashboard that are connected to the same database.

My main doubts - What i need to learn / should use?

  • Ionic and angular (on the way!!)

  • Should i use a mysql db?

  • Should i use a mysql db for some part and use, example, Firebase for other part?

  • Is that possible? Is it efficient/functional?

  • Will i have problems if the project grows?

  • It will use some amount of images. Firebase will be too expensive?

  • Is codeigniter an alternative?

  • What i need to learn to communicate correctly and efficiently with the database? Json, node, rest??? (im totaly blind here!!)

  • What Im not seeing that is in front of your eyes (something for sure!!)

Many Thanks