I'm in LOVE with Ionic, would love to use it for my community!


Dear Friends,

I am using Laravel framwork with Bootstrap, I LOVE Ionic from the first day I saw this, I would love to use it to build an app for my social community website. I really need a helping hand please, I am not sure if @Ben would see my this message, as he said in his Youtube video The Ionic Show // Episode 5 // January-February 2015 that he would love to help anybody regarding building the App or Logos. Therefore I sent so many emails & tweets to Ionic team & Ben but I did not get any reply. I LOVE the Ionic Logo is awesome and I want Ionic team or @Ben to help me with my social community website Logo. Also help me with Ionic to get started with please.

I hope here some experts would help me and assist me with how to begin my first App by using Ionic.

Best wishes from all the way Dubai



He meant to create an ionic logo for your city or country for the meetups. Is your social community website related to an Ionic meet up?

To get started with ionic go to the Getting Started with Ionic guide


@joseadrian thank you so much for the reply, much appreciated. I don’t know what do you mean by Meet up. My social community website is based in Pakistan, its a Pakistani social community website but I am sitting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m originally from Pakistan but lives in Dubai. I have created a social community website representing my country (Pakistan). But I don’t know if that is the answer to your question ?

I have installed nodejs and now I have downloaded the zip file of Ionic from here but I don’t know how to run this Zip file. I am totally new to Ionic, I even don’t know what basic softwares I need to begin with. I have installed Git as well.
Do I need SDK as well? Please help me & guide me which are the softwares related to Ionic to build the App.

Many thanks in advance, & looking forward to your kind reply



They will give you a logo for free if you are organising an Ionic meetup group on your city or country. It’s not for you personal website or community.

There is a Getting started with ionic guide with the necessary steps and tools to start building apps with Ionic. In the first step they tell you all the software you need.


@joseadrian Oh I see now thanks for the info, I will see in the near future for organizing an Ionic Meetup.
And about the Getting started with ionic guide yes I have checked that already but still can’t understand. It takes me from one to another software. That guide says install the latest Cordova and Ionic command-line tools
I am confuse about Ionic command-line tools when I visit that site it shows only some commands .
Its not easy, I wish if they could make it more easier step by step what software/ things do we need to begin with.
Or maybe that’s my problem of understand because English is not my first language. But I am not that bad understanding the English. I have worked with Laravel, Bootstrap. I am not super expert in PHP, but I am good in PHP, HTML, CSS , Javascript etc.

Only the getting started is making me so much confused, how to begin and from where. :frowning:


@khandxb what are you trying to do? Have you installed cordova and ionic through node? If, so have you created an ionic project through the command line?


@ejwill first of all thank you for SO MUCH for the reply, I installed only Node.js and also downloaded the Ionic zip file but I don’t know how what to do with that zip file. But I don’t know how to install Cordova I have visited this page but it does not show a link to download or install Cordova.
It looks so difficult even the Docs are not helpful or maybe I am just so new this is my first time struggling to make an App. Although I have worked on web developing but never worked for an App.

I would appreciate if you can guide me step by step. What are the softwares I need to install to build my Ionic App for my website. And also would be great if you give me the download links as well step by step.

Once again, many thanks for looking into my post here. Hope I will start learning Ionic framwork with you guys help.

Kindest Regards,


@khandxb first of all are you using a mac or a pc? This page Getting Started with Ionic has easy to follow instructions. There is also a a video you can watch that steps you through it. If, you are on a pc you might want to look into using vagrant. Let me know if you need anymore help.


@ejwill thanks a lot for the reply once again, I am using PC and I have gone through Getting Started with Ionic
so many times, but can not understand. That getting started said install Node.js which I did install. Then next it says use command-line tools when I click on that it takes me to another world. And there it says Installing

$ npm install -g ionic

Codes like that, I don’t know what is the next how to do it. I tried running in CMD this code $ npm install -g ionic but nothing happens.
And you said if I am on PC then I can use Vagrant package . So If I download that Vagrant then how to run.

I am actually stuck to understand how many softwares do I need to begin with, do I need SDK as well. I have heard about that too and in youtube videos also I wanted to learn about Ionic people were getting involve SDK as well.

Please bro help me and guide me in simple easy english :smile:


@khandxb, we need to improve our Windows documentation, for sure. When you see

$ some command

The $ is a way of saying “run this in your command line”. On Windows, that’s the cmd.exe program. It can be a bit confusing, but don’t actually type the dollar sign, just what comes after it. So in this case:

npm install -g ionic

And hit the enter/return key to execute the command.


Have you updated your Windows documentation please?
I like Ionic and looks super fast. But the sad thing is I do not know from where to begin. The method/ documentation/ get started thing is so confusing. Specially for users like me who are not super expert. I can work with Andriod Studio and I can work on html/ jave , php and css. But Ionic is so hard to understand from where to begin. Please explain in easy words and step by step. Update your get started documentation, first of all mention which softwares we need to have an ionic app and then second step how to install those softwares and then explain how to work on it.

I almost come here everyday read about ionic and still do not understand from where to begin and what are the softwares involved :frowning:


This guide might help.