A Memory Party Game with Ionic


I have just created a game with Ionic, the name is Memory Party.

Its a game to improve his Memory with a lot of fun, you can play in solo or two players, play in more than 40 different themes (easy and difficult theme), see your improvement, buy some items, change avatar…
Its a very difficult Memory game, not for kids :wink:

I have used notification, media sound, persist data in mobile, …
I will release the game in IOS soon.

I will create a blog about my game to explain how to develop a game with Ionic.

do not hesitate to ask me if you have any question :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested in some further informations.
Is your blog already online?

Hello Basti
Iam sorry i didn t have enough time to write blog, i Will Try to do it soon, however if you need information or help, do not hesitate to ask me :slight_smile: i Will Try to give most information i have :slight_smile:


Im new to ionic and need a little help.

I have implemented things like chart.js with the tutorial from https://www.joshmorony.com/adding-responsive-charts-graphs-to-ionic-2-applications/, and I really liked the out come.


I tried to do the same thing with p5.js from processing https://p5js.org/ and could not get it to work…

I have to display data for class on Data Visualization and want to use IONIC with mo.js, p5.js, or phaser.js to display this data.

Could you answer that question for me?