I can't change the icon of my app

Change all res images of my icon, then run “ionic android build” to generate APK but the icon does not change. The same happens when I add some element to string.xml, change the name of my app but does not change the install.

Hey there. So you’re running ionic [prepare/build] android but nothing is getting updated. Are you putting the icons in the platform/android/res/[proper density] folder?

Yes, the new icon is in each corresponding folder. but no changes

Hmm, it could try this?

 $ platform/android/cordova/clean

this will clean the project and hopefully update everything

How are changing icon image??

First build the code then replace drawable  folder icon image with existing image name and dimension …

@mhartington as I can run it on windows? cmd??

@shashikant In platform -> android -> res -> drawable folders and all their dimensions.

Have you tried writing a cordova hook for copying the icons ?
I remember facing similar issue in cordova 3.2 + and the third hook in this post helped me http://devgirl.org/2013/11/12/three-hooks-your-cordovaphonegap-project-needs/

Just try this if nothing works!!

How to Add Icons to Your Ionic Framework Apps

how To Add Icon And splash image to your APP

  1. Put your (icon.png and splash.png) images to “\resources\android” or “\resources\ios”
  2. Run command ionic resources
  3. copy ALL folder from “\res” directory and Paste to “platforms\android\res” or “platforms\android\res”
  4. Build Your App

hello @divyeshjagatiya , your soulution its work for me…

Hi there , I faced the same problem with you all . the solution for me happen to be

first create splash.png(2208 x 2208 px ) and icon.png (1000 x 1000 px) in resources directory
second run the command ionic cordova resources in cli
third compare the directory resources and platforms/android(ios)/res directory content , here the automatic conversion of the file sizes was not working properly. so i had to manually copy paste the resource directory splash screen and icon images to platforms/android(ios)/res with there respective sizes .

fourth run ionic cordova run android in cli

strong textfifth delete any installation on your device(mobile phone) then deploy the app or copy paste from the directory platforms\android\build\outputs\apk

-Good Luck