How I change mobile logo app?

I try to find ionicframework document but I don’t find it.

Who have a guideline? or I have to find anywhere please tell me.

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Go to the following path:


and put your logo's .png files in the icon folder. And build your project, and run.
Keep in mind that put your .png files as per drawable sizes.

To do that, you can follow these links and to generate your app’s icons and splash screens automatedly by just providing a sample for icon and splashscreen in specific sizes as per guided in docs.

Thank you for your answer.

I follow your answer already.

Log is ionic. but my app not change.

The picture link is not dead. Which version of cordova-android are you using? (confirm via running ionic platforms)

The issue is discussed here

in your app directory do following commands
ionic platform remove android
ionic platform add android@6.1.0
ionic resources

Then check your config.xml, make sure it doesn’t have any errors.Then follow what vaibsVB mentioned.
This worked for me.

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I did it from Xcode (don’t know how to do it yet on Android). It’s not easy but look in youtube, there are some videos that explains how to do it quite good.

this is ok.

thank you.

S,G dude you saved my sorry *** thanks