Change icon and splash screen

I changed all my project folders android my icon


, even so, has not changed the icon of my app, also wanted to ask how I could change the splash screen of my app.


Just curious, why are you putting them in a config folder?

Just something to note, sometimes once the app is installed, the icon doesn’t get updated right away. So you need to delete the app and then run ionic run android

Copy wrong directions, are not in Config. A query about what you named each time I want to build the APK run ionic build android, which in addition to these steps must be run to generate correctly?

  1. Delete the app from the device
  2. Copy the icons over to the correct locations.
  3. run ionic build android
  4. then ionic run android

I did, but nothing happens, also, add the line

  <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="2000" />

And it also runs the splash screen, I can be doing wrong?

Try this

<preference name="SplashScreen" value="foo" /> 
<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="10000" />

Where foo is the name of the splashscreen file.

And install the cordova splashscreen plugin

Thanks, still, I can not even change the icon, delete the app from the device and follow your advice but nothing yet.


in {ionic project folder} / platform / android / res / drawable, check ic_launcher.png (if ic_launcher.png files aren’t your custom icon, OTHERWISE file.) (note, you can see reference document by android )

and, check your AndroidManifest.xml. in <application> tag, check android:icon attribute

you can setting icon of application. (for example, your icon file(in drawable) name is “ic_launcher”, you can apply icon this way.

<application android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher"> <activity/></application> 

and, delete your app, and rebuild ionic project.

(sorry to pour english)

Ionic Delete icon, change the name of the app, and is still run by the same name and the same icon, which can be?

Every time I run ionic build androidstring.xml values ​​back to default.

Yes it is back to default, I had tried to change the icon in {ionic project folder} / platform / android / res / drawable, every time I change the image, it did not work, and always back to default what it is. Any one can share for solution?

@vanbumi If you change the icon also changes in your config file, the name of the image and also in the AndroidManifest. So will not return to the default values .

@sioesi finally I can do it bro, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello vanbumi, how you could solution it? :astonished:

how To Add Icon And splash image to your APP

  1. Put your (icon.png and splash.png) images to “\resources\android” or “\resources\ios”
  2. Run command ionic resources
  3. copy ALL folder from “\res” directory and Paste to “platforms\android\res” or “platforms\android\res”
  4. Build Your App

It works!!!
You save my day man :smiley: