Cannot get rid of the Cordova default icon on Android

My project got a bit messed up so I decided to re-build it from scratch starting from a default sidemenu ionic 1 project and slowly add plugins and code. The problem is that the default project builds on Android have the Cordova icon, I cannot shake that away. “ionic resources” works well, no errors. It generates the android and ios folders with all the correct icons. iOS build get the proper graphics, but Android build - even on a fresh, newly generated ionic 1 project with just new resources - refuses to bring up new icons.

config.xml has all the proper pointers to new icons. The resources folder has all the icons, including in ios and android sub-folders. But still I cannot get past step one - getting proper icons.

Any suggestions how to get the icons working for Android?

Same here. Help appreciated.

EDIT: I have noticed the creation of a new res/ directory in addition to resources/ after running ionic resources but there is no drawable stored in this directory used in config.xml.

After some research, this is a known issue with cordova-android@6.0. Upgrade to cordova-android@6.1.0 fixes the issue.

ionic platform remove android
ionic platform add android@6.1.0

@bgondy, I too noticed the creation of the res folder. It has all the images that should have been placed into the platforms/android/res folder. The way I solved the problem was to delete the wrong images in the android folder and copy the res folder manually to there. BTW I was on Cordova 6.4.0 .

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Sure. Thank you for the reference to the reports by other users.