Http get request doesn't work on Ionic View

Hello community,
i’m trying to build my first app in Ionic (latest) and need some help.

When I serve the application in my browser, the http get requests are working fine (using the chrome plugin to Enable CORS).

However, when I deploy a Build and try to talk to test my application in Ionic View, it’s not showing anything.
I’m pretty sure it has something to do with CORS, but I don’t really know how to solve this.

What i’ve done so far:

  • I’ve allowed all hosts on the server.
  • I checked the config.xml. allow-intent http:/// and https:/// is active

Is there anything I forgot to change/set?


where are you getting all http requests.I mean have you created any server for getting api requests or what?can you tell me more clearly where are you getting the api calls from?

Did you found any solution to this problem? We have an app that works fine with https api request in local development mode but when we deploy it trough Ionic View all of the rest api request stop working…

Enabled poxies in ionic.config.json, but still no data in ionic view mode. I suspect CORS but havn’t found any solution…

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Use http native plugin which is now included in pro view (instead of angular http)

Docs are in abundance on this forum and ionicframework (wkwebview topic)

Proxies and chrome extensions are local dev only