Requests on Ionic View build

Hi everybody!

I’m facing a strange issue…
Based on some example I wrote a wraper wich handles http request to make them work fine in a browser with Angular http and in a Cordova env with Cordova Native http.

Environment variables are working fine too:

  1. in browser dev mode, Cors, proxy etc… with differents urls are working well…
  2. ionic cordova build launches my app on my physical device and it’s working fine too

BUT, on Ionic Pro, even if the build succeeds and even if i’m sure urls are correct (i’m displaying them in my screen) nothing happens when I load the app in Ionic View …

How can it be…?



I would suggest to go with the below plugin, instead of creating your own wrapper.

Ok I’ll give it a try… but where can I find a working example ? (there is just an intallation guide there…)

Again, my problem occurs only in app loaded with Ionic View… works fine on device with “ionic cordova run”…