Ionic app not makes http requests

I developed an app with Ionic v1 and tested with “ionic serve” and “ionic run android” and works fine. It makes all $http requests to an external API (that allows CORS) and I recive the data well.

The probleme comes when I try to test the app in real mode. I added the app to Ionic view to test in Android mobile device and I see that the requests to the API are not performed (because I not see any data printed in tha app). Also, I monitorized all traffic of my device throught “Network Connection” App and I see that there is not any request to the API.

For what reasons can be? I need to perform some special configs to Ionic app?

PD: I installed cordova withelist plugin and added this lines to config.xml file:

<access origin="*" />
<allow-navigation href="*" />
<allow-intent href="*" />