Ionic View not connecting to external API

So I am trying to deploy my app for testing using the new Ionic View, however I am having trouble connecting to my API.

To deal with CORS in the browser, I set up a proxy in my ionic.config.json file and it works fine. When the app is built out and put on a device, it doesn’t need this proxy and works fine as well.

My issue is that when I deploy to Ionic View, it does not connect to my API. Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions on how to overcome this? I tried putting both versions on Ionic Live, the one with the proxy enabled and one without, but neither work…


I got the same issue. Still not find out how to solve this.
If I got a solution I will post it in this topic.

Hi ,
I have a same issue on this topic Ionic call API with Proxy always return 404

Not quite. Mine works on mobile devices and the proxy works when I enable it on ionic serve. This is literally only for Ionic View that I am having issues

Ionic View (the new, blue icon one) uses WKWebView, your app probably doesn’t yet:

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