Push notifications - how to?

Hey guys, love Ionic for Vue, but I find the resources on the net very lacking in terms of how to implement stuff in Vue (with Capacitor). We are making an app in which we need push notifications. We have our own server so “pushing” is no problem, the problem we are having is that we have no clue where to start in (Ionic) Vue.

We need to listen to specific sockets I guess for incomming messages. User needs to give permissions for push notifications, stuff like that.

Is there anyone who got push notifications working and would be able to write a small step-by-step guide on how to get something like this working?

We do not want to use a 3rd-party or anything for push notifications since we have our own server and we are able to send pushes no problem. Just need to know how to implement it in Vue.

Things like Push Notifications aren’t going to be covered in the Ionic Vue documentation as that is just the UI layer. For that, you should check out the Push Notifications documentation for the application runtime, Capacitor: https://capacitorjs.com/docs/apis/push-notifications.