How to use ng-upgrade module in ionic 2

I have an angularJS1.5 code and I want to upgrade to Ionic 2 and start development based on angularJS2.0. AngularJS2.0 supports AngularJS1.5 by using the ng-upgrade module. So, how we can use this module In Ionic 2?

Ionic1 and Ionic2 will not work with ngUpgrade. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest trying to go down that path. I attempted it for demos and it wasn’t worth the setup really. You are better off re-writing your app in v2 than trying to make things work that way.

Would it even work for small directives? I am trying to bundle json schema support into a v2 app and the current project we’re using is (currently) tied to angular1–not a problem on the browser–but I would prefer to be able to bootstrap that project for a form field rather than re-write it myself in ES6…

I wouldn’t try it. The way the current context works, ngUpgrade fits a very small use case, and in a mobile app, they really don’t fit in well.