Can i upgrade from ionic1 to ionic2 via ng-upgrade?

I want to start using angular 2 but without breaking my application, I know if it was pure angular app, I could do that, but how to achieve it with ionic2 ?

From what version of Ionic are you upgrading from?

upgrading from ionic 1

Sadly no. So many things have changed between Ionic 1 and Ionic 2/3. The team has produced a guide to assist in the migration:

You can also buy my new book from O’Reilly on developing with Ionic 2 to help with the learning curve. (

k, _________ what is ionic3 ?

Ionic 3 is, in short, Ionic 2 with lazy loading and Angular 4. They released the beta for it today.

I thought they already had last loading in ionic 2. Don’t they ?