Upgrading from Angular 1 to Angular 2 + Ionic 2 with UpgradeAdapter

I don’t see any GitHub issues or forum topics yet on how Ionic 2 will incorporate the Angular 2 UpgradeAdapter.

I’m starting to look at options for migrating to Angular 2 and Ionic 2, and I’m considering working on a pull request with either some minor API additions to the @App decorator or a new @UpgradedApp decorator which extends it. Are there currently plans / design docs for incorporating the upgrade adapter into the @App decorator?

I could bootstrap with UpgradeAdapter manually, but I’d love to be able to use Ionic as simply as a “vanilla” Ionic 2 app. It would also be great to avoid the additional technical debt while upgrading the rest of the application’s components and services.

Maybe @mhartington would know about any internal plans for UpgradeAdapter? Is it on the radar?

I personally don’t thing the UpgradeAdapter really fits in with Ionic.

For most cases, upgrading to ionic2 should be easy enough that you don’t need to run ng1 and ng2 at the same time.