ngUpgrade and Ionic v1

Hi Ionic Team!
I’m starting a new project and think to the future.
I know that both frameworks (Angular1 & Angular2) can cohabit with the ngUpgrade library and even use Angular2 component within Angular1.
Is it possible to use ngUpgrade with Ionic v1? If yes, how?
If someone has a starter template, a tutorial or anything else, I take!

Since Ionic is built on Angular, in theory it should work out of the box for all the angular pieces.

That being said, I’m not sure how some of the Ionic-specific pieces will work. Will probably need confirmation from the Team.

Thanks for your reply Andrew.
You’re right, works out of the box with angular pieces but I don’t know for Ionic parts.

I would guess the team will take a closer look at this further down the road when V2 moves into Beta. Currently, their focus is around working on V2. They’ll probably work on an upgrade path when V2 is more stable.

It will be awesome!!!