How to update update app in production


We want to update the app and fix bugs without re-submit the app through app store. I know this is available when using ionic cloud, by deploying the app bundle on server. My question is if we deploy our app bundle on server what are the downside for this approach also, will it prevent us from using Cordova plugins ?


You can change everything that is not related to native code, e.g. plugins. But usually when you change cordova plugins, you don’t want that to be released over the air.

Keep in mind, that releasing a new version will also show your user the latest updates in the “what’s new” section. The adoption rate is usually higher with OTA updates, but updates in the appstore may also reactivate users.

Clarifying what @zwacky explained:

Your app developed with Ionic Framework consists of a native app container and a JS/HTML app inside that. Using Ionic Deploy you can update that JS/HTML app inside the container any time without going through the App Store. Changes to the native container like updating or adding plugins, changing the icons or splash screens of the app still have to be done the “traditional way”.

But you don’t use any functionality you would otherwise have by using Ionic Deploy (or a similar service).

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btw in case anyone is interested in more OTA, I once did this thing here a year ago, back when ionic deploy was still in early alpha:

it mainly talks about microsoft’s code-push.

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Hi may I ask why updating/changing plugins, icons or splashscreens still have to be done the “traditional way” of updating through the store? Seeing lots of comments saying that native code and plugins must be updated through store.

Does it have to do with permission rights?

There is just no accepted and “legal” ways to change these parts of the app via other methods than the app stores.

Understood, Thanks for the reply!