Live updating the live app?

Hello there, I was wondering if there is a simple way to update the App by bypassing the app store.
As far as we care we can only let users use the app when they’re online anyways so loading the JS from our own webservers should be fine.

Is there any best practice for this or should we just webpack/browserfy everything in the js file And make the app point to a file on our servers?

Or should we just not do that at all :-).
We just want to be able to deploy fixes within a short time since it’s mostly small updates anyways.

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Yes no.

I guess, since I’m using webpack, I can deploy resources to our own server.
Rather not do it like that because of offline things.

Will probably not need to hotfix a lot of stuff but it would be a nice ot have. I don’t think deploy will be free and for the usage We’ll have it will probably not be worth it. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

How about:

Is live update supported by apple or google play store? If we are by passing their review process, is it ok? which are popular apps that use live updates ?

I found below link , where many people said that recently apple have started rejecting such apps.

Please confirm me how reliable to provide live updates by passing store reviews/approval ?

Below is another link, that Apple has rejected app due to live update:

What is the status at the end of 2020? Is it recommended to use Live Update regarding Apple App Review?

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